SRK | 5 Latest Development Tools You Should Know
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5 Latest Development Tools You Should Know

5 Latest Development Tools You Should Know

Web development is more of a talent that needs to be acquired at fullest. It is not possible to learn it without the use of certain proponent tools. These tools carve out a path for web development and navigate a user on each stage effectively. Following are the most significant web development tools that are imperative to know about.

CSS Pre-Processors

CSS is a language that can be written easily. Its syntax is easy to understand and very straightforward. Also, it lets you have multiple style sheets as soon as your project grows larger. In addition, it lets you manage a thousand of CSS lines and if you know a bit about CSS, you will know how difficult it is to handle it in some situations. This is exactly the point where CSS pre-processors come into play. It lets you write CSS with functions and variables in a programming manner.

Template Engine

It is very simple and easy to create a static HTML page. However, if you have more than one HTML page in the project then you might be in trouble. Most of the pages share similar components as a Sidebar, Footer, and Header. If you change some elements in your Sidebar, will you change those elements one by one or use a Template Engine? It sounds the best for this situation. You can use many template engines including Handlebars, Jade, and Kit..

Task Runner

The procedure to create a website is particularly iterative. It includes complex steps like Compilation, Minification, Browser Refreshing, Linting, Unit Testing, and Concatenating Files that are required to complete a particular project. The good part is that now these things can be automated through Task Runner, such as Grip and Grunt.

Development Toolkit

It is one of the best development tools that can incorporate a variety of tools in a single application if you are unable to cope with the text-based setting in Grunt which is a GUI application, serving as a great tool for everyone. Code Kit has launched this kind of application that includes Siml, Kit, Sass, LESS, and JADE.


We hope that this information about web development tools will help you learn web development in a seamless and effective way.

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