SRK | 3 Best Android Launchers in 2018
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3 Best Android Launchers in 2018

3 Best Android Launchers in 2018

Irrefutably, Android’s dominance over newly coming mobile operating systems is largely due to the infinite customization opportunities it offers to its user base. There is no question that launchers are the most wanted customization parts of Android. Launchers are the vital aspect of any Android smartphone as it comprises the home screen and the catalog of all the mobile apps on your device. This is the reason why every smartphone comes with a default pre-installed launcher.

With the passage of time, Android launchers have become smarter and feature-rich than ever. In this article, I have mentioned my top 3 recommended Android Launchers for you to try out in 2018.

1. Nova Launcher

There is no better Launcher around than Nova, as it is the smoothest launcher which I have been using for over the years now. Nova Launcher is fast, lightweight, and efficient. It provides a variety of enchanting icon packs – available in the Play Store – to change the feel of the Android smartphone. This launchers also provides unimaginable dock customization, notification badges, and it frequently shows used apps in the app folder. Moreover, it offers users a dozen gestures, icon customizations and much more. Nova launcher is also known for app shortcuts, and its premium version unlocks a lot of amazing features which is worth a try..

2. Evie Launcher

My second pick is Evie launcher that is designed in such a way it delivers an astonishing performance and is also recognized as the fastest Android launchers ever developed. Many people who have shifted to Evie Launcher swears by its smoothness. The good thing about this launcher is, it has a Universal Search feature, which lets you search within your apps from one place. Having a widespread home screen shortcuts and customizations, users are able to customize their Android smartphone’s app drawer the way they want.

In addition, Evie launcher is also a good option if you need a support icon pack available at the Play Store. However, one drawback is witnessed that you won’t find many gestures in this app as you would in Nova Launcher. But overall, this launcher is a perfect option for those who are looking for a lightweight launcher that guarantees speed and simplicity.

3. Buzz Launcher

Lastly, I have chosen Buzz Launcher for it being an epitome of customization in Android. Inarguably, this launcher offers a unique set of features called “Homepack Buzz”, which is a home screen customization that consists of more than 600,000 pre-uploaded astounding home screens, shared by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Buzz Launcher has an inbuilt RAM cleaner and app-locker, which offers a smooth and secure feel to its users. Moreover, Buzzlauncher provides a lot of gestures available, providing you an access to shortcuts with just a swipe of your finger on the home screen..

There is one additional feature, named as “Screen Effects”, is available within the launcher that is kind of a wallpaper. Therefore, instead of thinking to replace your wallpaper, you can overlay the existing wallpaper with animations effects such as ‘autumn leaves’ floating on your screen.

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